Dorkbot and Dorkbot-hk

- incubating ideas with power

Dorkbot is an international collective hosting annual events (known as ‘faires’) in major cities around the world, with workshops and seminars experimenting with all-things relating to robotics, electronics, technology, art, and craft. Since its humble beginning in 2005, Dorkbot is best known by its motto: “People doing strange things with electricity”.

Dorkbot-hk was initiated by Videotage in 2009 as the incubation hub for local and international artists, musicians, inventors, scientists and engineers to stimulate and test their own creativity using all things electronic against the backdrop of this energized city.

Dorkbot-hk carries forward in its intentions to always welcome and hatch strange, inventive ideas that originate from its vast network of technologically adept and culturally innovative members; to create a well-rounded, inspirational, knowledge-sharing experience in embracing meaningful change in the age of automation and digitization.

2017 Programs