FUSE Residency Program

- the only accelerator program specializing in media art in HK

FUSE is the only media art-focused, year-round accelerator program in Hong Kong offering a multi-disciplinary platform and intellectual resources that connect overseas and local artists, curators and researchers to collaboratively explore the synergy and realize their ideas by creating media art work within a knowledge spectrum spanning across the art, engineering and scientific disciplines.

With FUSE, overseas artists will be given opportunities to touch down in the centre of Hong Kong’s media art community and interact with local artists to explore and showcase their projects in a local context.

Each year, Videotage invites artists, researchers and curators, from regions nearby and afar, to submit their proposals, and encourages the selected artists to bring in their individual perspectives and cultural heritage to generate new knowledge for the community at large.

FUSE participants are provided with event space, facilities and local connections to ensure a full immersion experience throughout various stages of the program, from mentoring and concept development through to project management and artwork production.

This robust program culminates in a series of workshops, exhibitions and events for the FUSE artists to present and share their unique cultural encounters with their peers and experts in the field. Artists are further encouraged to sharpen their entrepreneurial skills and build cross-regional networks for their continued development in media art.

2004 - 2019 Past FUSE artists:

Peter ALWAST (AU Australia)

Ben BOGART (CA Canada)

Julia BURNS (AU Australia)

Alessandro CARBONI (IT Italy)

Chloe CHEUK (HK Hong Kong)

Giorgio CUGNO (IT Italy)

Silas FONG (HK Hong Kong)

Jason Hendrik HANSMA (Netherlands NL)

LAW Yuk Mui (HK Hong Kong)

Soyung LEE (KR South Korea)

Edwin LO (HK Hong Kong)

Marco De MUTIIS (IT/HK Italy/Hong Kong)

Joao Vasco PAIVA (PT Portugal)

Ellen PEARLAMN (US United States)

Melinda RACKHAM (AU Australia)

Chris SHEN (UK Great Britain)

Soda_Jerk (AU Australia)

t.r.a.n.s.i.t.s.c.a.p.e (BE Belgium)

Kenny WONG (HK Hong Kong)

Morgan WONG (HK Hong Kong)

Gillian WYLDE (UK Great Britain)

Samson YOUNG (HK Hong Kong)

more info: http://videotage.wixsite.com/fuseresidencyprogram

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